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I transferred to from .com -no followers came with me

  1. Only answer I see is to contact to have them transfer email subscribers and followers.
    Cannot find where to contact them
    I would like a direct answer
    It has not been a seamless transfer at all as I've been on the phone with bluehost several times who knew some of wordpress well enough to guide me but this time they said I need to speak with directly.
    What are my odds of getting a decent answer?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. None, unless you know how to tag this thread for staff attention. Which I just did.

    Whoever told you it would be seamless lied to you.

  3. @Raincoaster-thank you. The adverts themself say it will be 'seamless'-pathetic.
    Bluehost was a huge help though until this issue.
    Someone else suggested I 'contact' support at and have them transfer my subscribers and followers.
    As you can see that is not the easiest thing to do-wouldn't know how to tag thread for staff attention as you mention.
    For now, I went into, copied my list of subscribers which I could find on the dashboard and emailed them from my new site server with a shameless plea to resubscribe.
    In terms of fellow blog followers, I had to contact them via their blog and let them know.
    It's a big turnoff, I have to say-making so robust and then having to have a plug in for every detail in .org

  4. Staff can can move your email subscribers only. Followers using the Reader cannot be transferred.

    What's required is:
    installation and activation of the JetPack plugin;
    posting both URLs ie. the underlying URL and the domain URL into this forum thread;
    tagging the thread with modlook in the sidebar; (already done!)
    subscribing to the thread so you are notified when Staff make the transfer.

  5. Note: Followers using the Reader cannot be transferred because WordPress.ORG does not have a Reader to transfer them to. Unlike blogs, installs are stand alone islands that are not part of a community with shared features.

  6. @timethief

    1. Thank you.
    2. I have installed the Jetpack plug in already
    3. When you say the underlying URL and the domain URL -do you mean for my or .com account???
    4. by underlying I'm assuming you mean :
    Sorry, a bit of a newbie with this!!!

  7. @amoshe
    The underlying URL means the original blog URL that you are mapping from to your domain

  8. I started blogging in and bought the domain name : through
    Then I just pointed it toward my new host's name server-
    so I am not sure what this would look like?

  9. I would like the support at to transfer my email subscribers as I purchased a domain name from them but then moved to

    My URL was is the domain where I need my subscribers transferred to.

    Is this information sufficient???
    When can I expect an actual support response or transfer???

  10. Yes and thank you.

  11. The e-mail subscribers have been moved as requested.

  12. Thank you. Should they all start receiving post updates now?
    When I view the dashboard stats in the blog subscriber total numbers displays only the number of people that resubscribed as per my request. However, when I click on it, I see you transferred everyone.

  13. Can you please try clearing out your cache?

    Your e-mail subscribers will receive post updates when you publish new posts.

  14. I will give it a try. Thank you.

  15. This worked. Much thanks @timethief for giving me the only clue as to how to get the support from the Happiness Engineer.

    @kardotim -the clearing of cache worked!

    Do you happen to know offhand if people in the meantime resubscribed, will they receive a post twice?

  16. I can't say for sure if people resubscribed, but they will receive notifications accordingly. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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