I upload jpg, but it appears as bmp in the blog. Why?

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    I only upload jpg pictures to my WordPress media library, but they always appears as bmp files in the blog, what makes the page too heavy. How can I solve this? If I upload a jpg file, I want it to appear as a jpg file in the blog…



    Please give us a direct link to your blog, starting with http. That’s an unusual error.


    The URL is:





    Funky pictures! Only problem is, I see them as jpgs, not bmps. Somebody a couple of weeks ago reported that Cheezburger was displaying bmps too, and I was unable to find any. I wonder if this is a quirk of your browser? Can you download one of hte images to your desktop and see what your graphics program says about it once it’s there?


    Hey! How strange… Now the files are appearing as jpg… Well, thanks a lot for your attention!



    Your welcome. Spontaneous resolution is always the best, eh?

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