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I use the Ryu theme and want to add a LINK, just one, to the very top header

  1. How do i do that? I have no idea how, please help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. how did this person make their site look like this?

    i think he is using the ryu theme too. HOW DID HE GET THOSE LINKS ON THERE??

  3. maybe hes not I don't know, but REGARDLESS WHAT HE IS USING, what he has done with those links is what i would like on my existing ryu theme PLEASE KINDLY OFFER ANY INFORMATION WHICH WOULD FACILITATE MY DOING THIS.

  4. No, that's not Ryu. To add top menu links on Ryu, you need to create a custom menu. But first, where do you want to link to?

  5. hi,thanks for responding, i want the link to go here

  6. You're welcome.
    So, you need to create a custom menu in Appearance > Menus and add a custom link to it. See this post of mine for details:

  7. wow that looks so impossible, ill try reading through it but if i need help will you still be here to help me?

  8. oh wait i think i did it, cool!, thank you so much

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