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I used to paste from Word

  1. Hi. I learned recently not to copy and paste from Word and today I started using the kitchen sink / paste word trick, thanks again Timethief if you are out there! I've read the Support docs about that and Visual Editor and searched Forum, but still one question, forgive me if daft, not so HTML savvy yet... : I did cut and paste about 10 or 12 articles before learning this - I've looked at old stuff in my post editor in the HTML view - and I dont see much html-y looking code, and so far, things LOOK ok on the blog... so, am I safe? Is it possible that funky invisible code could come and bite me in the backside at a later date, or is there any kind of retro-active clean up I can or should do somehow? Or, am I really ok as long as it looks ok? Thanks! and in case you can't see it, the blog in question is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As long as, under Settings->General, you have selected "Wordpress should correct invalidly nested XHTML" and it was that way back when you pasted from Word, you should be okay.

    If it isn't selected yet, select it and save. Then go back and edit each of those posts, just changing one small thing like a period to a comma or italicizing something, and hit Update. That clues WP in to make sure the code is all taken care of in that post.

  3. oooooooooooo I've got a long day ahead of me... ouch! Thanks for this, Raincoaster, the box is duly ticked now in both of my blogs, and as I was unable to do an import from old blog and copied and pasted each entry one by one.... Heavy sigh... but thank you. This can be closed now.

  4. Hi There!

    If you would like to continue to write your posts offline I recommend using MS → Windows Live Writer

  5. Hi slikbonez - is that a new avatar? Very cool. yes, I just learned about these offline writing and backup tools, need to research them, I know this one was most highly recommended... so much to do!! And the harvest starts next week... thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Hi sinthea Your very welcome for the suggestion...

    Hi slikbonez - is that a new avatar?

    Yes the avatar is fairly new about 2-3 weeks old I made it myself...

  7. Slikbonez, fascinatingly your link to windows live is coming up in spanish! I could understand Portuguese (I'm living in Vila Nova de Gaia) but spanish???? Anyway, I've hunted it down in english now... thanks again. I'm going to close the thread now as my initial query is sorted. take care.

  8. Dear Sinthea:

    I don't understand. I always compose my blogs in Word and then copy and paste them into WordPress. Is this not recommended? If so, why not? Thanks.

  9. @mickey, no it is not recommended. Word is a word processor meant for print media and it brings in all sorts of "junk" code that can and will mess up your blog. Basically Word does not speak Web. I've spent literally hours helping people fix their blogs after pasting from Word.

    WordPress is now automatically stripping out all word code when you paste, but it isn't perfect and sometimes it leaves stuff behind that can mess things up.

    What is always best, is to use the "paste from Word icon on the lower toolbar in the visual editor or to copy and paste the word stuff into a plain text editor such as notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) and then copy and paste out of the plain text editor and then into the wordpress editor and then do your formatting right in the wordpress editor.

  10. @sinthea that's weird when I click the link I am taken to the English version on the site

  11. No worries, slikbonez - I found it in english, just thought it humourous. Does someone want to close this thread? i thought I had, but apparently not.... thanks all.

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