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I wan t to delete my whole wordpress account

  1. Not just my blog.
    By the way, I've already deleted my email that I used for the registration. How do I suppose to do when wordpress send a link to my email that have been deleted? So it means that I won't be able to delete my blog?
    Could you help me to delete my account. Or at least my blog without sending a link to my email?

  2. thistimethisspace

  3. you can only delete your blog, not you account. no accounts are deleted ever.

    in order to delete you blog, an email has to be sent to your email to make sure it is indeed you who wants your blog deleted and not a hacker.

    if you're unable to access the email you used for the blog registration, you have to contact staff about this.
    please contact the wordpress staff through that link. take note that support is only open on weekdays on certain hours.

    and please don't start a new thread when you have already posted about this in another thread before; once is enough. =)

  4. it suck

  5. ^^^ You're new here... Perhaps you should read the links posted above for the reasons why, deleting accounts can potentially break the software.

  6. just out of curiosity, how does it break the software ?

  7. read the links posted above

  8. raincoaster: am i not seeing what you are seeing ?

    Please delete my account
    We don’t. Don’t worry about unused accounts. It doesn’t hurt anything.
    The software could break if we deleted accounts, so accounts are permanent.
    See also Please delete my blog .

    Please delete my blog
    To delete a blog, in your dashboard go to Options > Delete blog.
    Your blogname cannot be used again.
    Do NOT delete a blog to transfer it to someone else.
    Do NOT delete a blog to get it with a new username.
    Do NOT delete a blog to get rid of old posts
    If you are not sure - contact Support.

  9. The software could break if we deleted accounts, so accounts are permanent.

    That's as much information as staff have ever given as far as I know. And they've been asked repeatedly.

  10. You're gonna have to ask Automattic a further explanation if you're going to take this further.

  11. alright. as simple as i previously mentioned: just out of curiosity. i'm moving out, no point to press them about it, or about many other things for that matter. free service can only go that far. thanks raincoaster for bothering to answer me though.

  12. Lots of people just go to their Admin => Options => Privacy and make the blog 100% private so that the content is not served up anymore. Another way would be to create a new "page" with your new address and make that the page to show on the main site. That is under your "Options" => Reading tab.

    Something to chew on anyways ;)


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