I wan to backup my own media library, is there any way?

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    I want to have a backup of the entire media library, there’s isn’t much and most of the files are images but I was wondering if WordPress has a special option that let me “download” my entire media library so in that way I’ll avoid the pain of saving image by image (there are a lot and I rarely have time to do things like that :S).

    I hope someone can help me here. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is nijiko.wordpress.com.


    If you export your blog, there is a checkbox to include “attachments.” simply export your blog (with attachments clicked) and your images will be exported as well.


    Ahhh, no there isn’t.


    I’m sorry, I don’t know where I saw that, but it must not have been on the export page. It looks like the only way is to open each of them in a browser window and the drag and drop them to a folder on your desktop.



    ^Oh Ok, thanks for the help! I’ll be busy for a long time =D

    Take care.


    You’re welcome.



    There is a way that might work for you but it’s not trivial.

    If you have a recent version of WordPress installed on another server or on your local PC (possibly but not easy for beginners), you can Export your WordPress.com blog and Import it there. The Import feature includes an option for downloading images and files.


    Ahhhh, that is where I saw it! I knew I had seen it. Thanks Tellyworth, I thought I was losing (what little there is left of) my mind.

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