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I want "0 comments" back!

  1. I've just seen the change to "Leave a comment", but I did not like it!
    I want "0 comments" back to my posts!
    I do not want to ask people to leave a comment, they do it if they want to!
    I suggest that you leave the option for people to choose between the old "0 comments" and the new "Leave a comment"!
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What ?

  3. gurlinterrupted

    Mine also changed, I guess it only happens to a few themes? I'm using Pressrow by the way... I like it better this way though

  4. yeah my theme was affected by it too, its not really so much a big deal, but I too prefer the 0 comment to the 'leave a comment'. But its no big deal for me.

  5. I'm talking to support to see if it will be possible to make a choice between the frases "Leave a comment" and "0 comments" when there is no comment in a post.
    The other problem is that I use the "k2" template and since the frase change yesterday, it has been mixing languages, showing the frase as "Leave a Comentário", but I'm checking it with support.
    Thank's for the feedbacks guys.

  6. oh, I just noticed it too. You could have presented this in the "Ideas" part of the forum. Either way, it's not a big deal but I think when people know that theres a lot of comments on a thread that, they might want to get in the conversation. Having "Leave a comment" doesn't entice people to leave a comment at all.

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