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I want a page to automatically redirect to a category listing

  1. I'm setting up a new site, everything isn't finished yet. using Andreas09 theme.

    I'm using a row of widgets on the left to make links to post categories. I'd like to also have the tabs listed below the header link straight to categories. For now i put a link in, which seems to work fine, but there is also a small blank link that goes to the page that should have been averted. You'll see what i mean if you go there.

    Great help here in the past.
    Anybody know how i could eliminate those little blank links?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. hi remi,, canyou help me how can i get chat with anybody here ? thx

  3. don't know man, never done the chat.

    have a good look around to make sure no one else has already asked your question, then post it as a forum topic and hope for the best. lots of helpful people here. be sure to leave them your site URL as well so they can look at it.

  4. thx Remi

  5. The forums are not a place for social networking. Please read through the guidelines here to learn more about the purpose of the forums on Thanks!

  6. To answer the OP:
    The little blank links cannot be eliminated, simply because it is meant to be a page bar, not a category bar. The category bar thing is actually a trick done to the page bar, that's why you get the messed up bar. Yo may chose a Other themes may have less (or even worse) obvious blank spots.

  7. Find specific information about which themes work with that trick, and which ones don't:

  8. Thanks for ddding the link. I was looking for that one, but I could not find was categorized under 'Header tabs'...not 'Page tabs' or 'Category tabs', which is what I was looking for.

  9. With Panos's site, sometimes it helps to search on the theme name. He very efficiently lists themes for which the various functions apply so it's easy to quickly read down the alphabetical lists.

    By now, the question about external links comes up a lot here, so I just remember it.

  10. 1tess you're awesome. That link really explains everything.

    The forum experts prevail again. I leave humbled and less confused.


  11. You will have to drop by again and we will try harder to confuse you.


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