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I want a read-on 'more'link' on a page

  1. It says you can't have a more link on pages ...what can you do in respect of this?
    On my first page I would like to isolate a paragraph of explanation so that it daoensnt make the page too long.

  2. Try Search:

    Give this as the top option:

    Time: less than 1.5 minutes, faster than waiting for the answer to be posted in the Forum

  3. It says you can't use the MORE link on PAGES. I want my site to be static until the end. Both of the addresses above don't answer that question. As it is I have put the additional info. as part of the drop-down...but this is clumbsy. I would like to know a better way.

  4. That's correct. It can't be used and that's all there is to it.

  5. Oops - work up way to early today - thanks @timethief

  6. @bobdavcav
    That's a good suggestion. :) If matcham1 doesn't want to use pagination to split contnet then he or she could use page jump links.

  7. It's a good thing I happened to be browsing the questions forum then! I knew that there should have been something they could have used.

  8. Thank you both that is interesting information which I have noted, but doesn't do the job of expanding on a subject (in the event of interest on a separate page) and then continuing on the original one.
    Nevermind! Thanks again. Julia

  9. You're welcome and sorry we couldn't achieve what you wanted.

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