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I want a refund from a domain name I JUST bought.

  1. I registered the domain name "" a couple of hours ago, and I don't need it anymore and I would like my money back. I also want the domain to be deleted. Thanks.

  2. Please contact us via to request a refund.

  3. hi, i also want to cancel and refund my account, i bought the .com 12 hours ago maybe, i cant contact support as its unavailable until monday and that will be too late. please help

  4. @mmarquesphotography- If you bought your domain through, you still need to contact them today in order to register your request today. There should also be a link in the Upgrades section of your Dashboard to request a refund.

  5. mmarquesphotography, I have canceled and refunded your domain as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

    justjennifer, we've shut the contact form down over the weekend while we fix a few things, so the link in Upgrades won't work either. If you see any more of these, please feel free to modlook them and we'll get to them ASAP. Thanks!

  6. Ah. Wasn't aware that Support was away. Good to know, will do.

  7. No problem, thanks for keeping an eye on things!

  8. letthefiretakethefire

    I'm in the same boat as mmarquesphotography. i bought a domain last night and i need to cancel the order and request a refund. i would also like the domain to be deleted. it's

    if I wait for the contact form to come back up, it will be past the two-day mark.


  9. letthefiretakethefire, it looks like your domain was already canceled and refunded by one of my colleagues.

    Did you need any further assistance?

  10. In such timely fashion things seem to get done here! Well, I also registered the domain name "" a couple of hours ago, and I don't need it anymore and would also like my money back. I want the domain to be deleted too. Thanks!

  11. Have you requested the refund from your dashboard? If not then please do so or use this link >

  12. Hi Macmanx,

    I would like to get a refund for domain name (, which was purchased a few hours ago today.

    Hope you are able to assist.



  13. Did you request the refund from your dashboard? This thread is basically just for people who needed refunds when Support was closed. It's not closed now. You'll need to use the links TT gave just above your post.

  14. Thanks raincoaster!

    Noted. Just sent a message to Support.

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