I want a website, not a blog (yet)

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    I’m a newbie. I’d like to begin designing the content for a website. I’ll add the blog afterward. From what I’ve read, I can build a website with wordpress.com. But, the dashboard is a bit confusing. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is reneechin.wordpress.com.



    Have you read these FAQ ? Front Page / Pages / Hide Pages


    You can use pages instead of posts and have a wordpress.COM blog work like a static website, but typically it will still look like a blog since all the themes here are tailored toward blogging.

    My suggestion is to go to appearance > themes in the dashboard (if you have already created a blog here) and look over the different themes and play with some of them. If you have not created a site here, perhaps create one with a name like koyannatest.wordpress.com so that you can play with things.

    You will also want to review this support document on the differences between wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG since wordpress.COM has some limitations on what can and cannot be done here: http://support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/ .

    You will also want to review the terms of service and also these two support documents which deal with types of blogs (sites) and advertising.




    I made a website on wordpress a couple of years ago, with a static front page, then made another one a month ago. A few days ago I tried the blog format, like it much better and have now changed the two websites to blogs. The reason is because the front page is constantly changing and dynamic.



    When I transitioned my geocities site over to wp.com I kept the original site layout, which is mostly static pages, so that my site would be recognizable to my regular visitors.

    Having said that, your WP.com RSS feed will only ping dynamic content from your blog, like site news and updates. Search engines love dynamic content and there are parts of the old site which I dumped in favor of providing as site updates.

    Just more food for thought.

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