I want 'comments subject to approval' on one post only.

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    I’m using Blix. Today’s post is a quiz and I want to suppress replies on that one post, while allowing them on all others. I don’t want to stop comments on my new post altogether, only until everybody who wants to has given their comment/answer and then I’ll approve them all. Meanwhile, I have vigorous commenting going on at other posts and do not wish to suppress comments there as well.

    How can I do this???

    The blog I need help with is cathychua.wordpress.com.



    The main page for setting up default Discussion options is here > Settings > Discussion >
    We can over-ride the default settings on that page and close or open comments on any post or page in the Discussion module under the editor box.

    __ Allow comments.
    __Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.

    However, we cannot accomplish what you want. By closing comments on a single post readers cannot submit a comment on it at all so it will not be in the Moderation queue.

    The only way to route comments made on that single post into the Moderation queue is to change the comment settings on the main Discussion page to full Moderation for the whole blog (ie. on all posts and pages).



    Also I just searched and discovered this is a question that you have asked previously. See here . https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/suppressing-comments-on-just-one-post?replies=24 The answer has not changed. Best wishes with your blogging. :)

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