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I want Duster back

  1. Crap, crap, why did they have to substitue Twenty Eleven for Duster? It feels like they have replaced something good by something really crappy. All the features I especially liked in Duster have gone. I liked having a featured post with a full size image. Now my image is only displayed in small size and the space for the featured post is cut off. I hate it, hate it, hate it. Unfortunately I didn't download Duster to my own PC and now there is no way of retrieving it, but I just never imagined they would kick out such a cool Theme. Shame on them

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you previously used Duster on a free hosted blog then you can use it again. > Appearance > Themes

  3. 2011 is just an improved version of Duster: there's nothing you could do in Duster and cannot do in 2011. See here:

    If your featured images don't work, the reason is different. See here:

    And link to the blog in question please.

  4. @panaghiotisadam
    I was over in your blog retrieving those same links. lol :)

  5. @timethief: thanks for the quick help. I was able to restore the blog to the Duster theme. I think the issues I was experiencing were connected to the picture size issue, and I thought I had problems because I was using an "old" theme. I really appreciate your help!

    @panaghiodisadam: I actually used a pre-cropped image to use in the feature post and it worked when I put it up around a week ago. But WP seems to have changed some settings/features, so all of a sudden the pics where out of whack. I now circumvented the issue by using a different pic size in the excerpt and it looks now ok, as it did before.

    It's a site I did for a friend:
    This is the way I want it to look, so I hope they don't change stuff around again.

    Thanks for your input, too, but in Twenty Eleven the Featured Post seems limited in height...

    Thank you both, I was almost at the hair-pulling stage ;-)

  6. @nashiras
    You're welcome. :)

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