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I Want Ice Water

  1. So this is where I go to plug my blog? Feels weird, like writing a resume. Or maybe being interrogated by the strange man in the mirror. Anyway...

    I Want Ice Water started out as my way, being an urban hermit in recovery and suffering from major depression, to use the Internet to rave at the universe (that's you) about all the things that yank my chain. Then it occurred to me that just complaining, without offering up any kind of solutions, doesn't do anything to fix the things I complain about. So I started tossing in some of my personal philosophy in an effort to show how one should think. Before one acts.

    While this combination gave me a great deal of satisfaction, I realized that it didn't provide my readers with any insights into what keeps me going despite having a chain that keeps getting yanked. So I started tossing in all sorts of music I like, things I find pretty, funny, or weird, and outright pronouncements of "cool." But since I'm also driven by an OCD-like desire for absolute perfection (OK, laugh, laugh, laugh, but I insist that there is such a thing!), I tweak then learn then tweak then learn then tweak some more. I just KNOW that the next tweak will finally do the trick! Or maybe the one after that...

    Anyway... Drop by and check out the place sometimes. I don't bite. Much.

    The blog I need help with is

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