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    I changed to the new theme CHATEAU tonight and although I set the page to have at least ten posts, it has only one post. Below that there are smaller abbreviated posts which must be clicked onto for complete reading.

    I don’t mind those little abbreviated posts because they allow a reader to see previous posts, but I would like more than just one lonely complete post on the page.

    How can I get more complete posts to show up on the Home Page?


    The blog I need help with is peregrine5700.wordpress.com.


    Chateau will show one featured post, one full width post, and the rest are the two-column layout. There is no way to change that.


    The featured post thing seemed to be a leftover from 2011 or something. Normally the theme shows one full-width post and then the two columns of abbreviated posts.



    I had the same question as Peregrine. It seemed like in the demo the theme showed multiple “detailed” posts; which is what I would strongly prefer. Plus, under “Appearance” – “Theme Options” it gives you a choice of whether you want detailed or concise, so I just assumed there was a bug of some sort going on. Maybe the folks at WordPress would consider updating the Chateau theme to make it additionally robust? Most readers won’t take the time to open old posts – especially first time visitors, who want to quickly scan the blog to see if it interests them. One post and a “feature” is not enough to achieve that. I’d hate to change themes – Chateau is so beautifully designed!


    In my opinion, as long as you use good descriptive titles and have a well thought out beginning to your posts, the excerpted posts in the two columns below work well. Just make the beginnings compelling so they will want to click through and read the rest of the post.



    Update: I am now happy with having only one post on the home page and a bunch of abbreviated posts (archives) below it. I love the look of the template in black, but I would not be able to see/read well with it, so I stick with the white. It is so very elegantly beautiful.

    I love the italic handwriting post titles.


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