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I want more than 1 column of text

  1. All the css themes I have seen, (and I want three columns) have just 1 column for Blogging.
    The other two columns are blogrolls, categories, calender etc.
    I also want at least one smaller column extra for blogging, where that text also gets pushed down like in the main blogging column.
    I am new to Blogging,
    therefore apologies in advance if I am missing something obvious.
    Hope someone can clarify/help

  2. i see. go to where you can modify that, and skip to the bottom of the page. there is a column where you can select how many text widgets, rss feed widgets, and how many category widgets you would like. save the changes, and you will have more widgets to use. you can have a maximum of up to 9 of the same widgets.

  3. The CSS themes only modify the style of your blog, not its functionality. As far as I know, all the themes offered on have only one column for blogging. If you really need two, then you might consider self-hosting on and see if you can find a theme that will do what you want over there.

  4. Thank You, and that is helpful, but ....
    I want to use the extra column as a blog as well, so when I enter a new post, it pushes the last post down. A text widget won't do that, will it?

  5. rosclarke, thanks will go have a look

  6. Okay I went to, i now understand they make the software and is a hosting server for that software.
    I downloaded the software to see what templates might be there. But I got stuck on the first hurdle. It says: 'Open up wp-config-sample.php with a text editor like WordPad or similar and fill in your database connection details.' Well I don't understand what 'database connection details' are.
    I realize I would need to find a host server outside of, that is okay, but I would first like to find if the templates exist for what I want, or where I have to go to find them.
    When I opened, ' /wp-admin/install.php ' in a browser it just came out as text, presumably cause i didn't configure the config-sample.

  7. morris - There's a theme here called fjords, with 4 columns. I don't know if that would work for you, but it's in your presentation tab.

    In order to use the free software from you need to hire a web host and install it there. Here, is your free host. HTH

  8. @ellaella - I thought of that too, but I think there's still only one active blog column. The others are all sidebars.

  9. Thanks for everyones help.
    It would be nice if there was a way to preview what is possible on a server, before one signs a contract. Like either have a dummy server where your files are erased after a couple of hours, or be able to download a copy of wordpress that works offline without any configuration. That is now my wishlist.

  10. There are some webhosts which have one-button installation of WordPress. Your best bet is to go to's forums and search for recommendations and beginners resources.

    Try this to start:

  11. You could also google for WP themes and see if you can find one that will meet your needs - most have previews so you can see what you'll be getting.

  12. I will go & look, am answering now because I am on a slow smartphone. But I still imagine one has to sign a contract with a host before you can see what is possible.

  13. The thing is, it is all going to be dependent on if there is a theme out there already that has two columns for posts. I have not seen any. If you have to build one it is going to be a lot of work since it is not just CSS, but hacking, modifying and changing the theme php files. Then once you get that done, you have to test it in every browser on every platform (windows, mac, unix, linux) to make sure it works on all of them. When you look at theme CSS and php files, you find that there are a lot of "hacks" to make this or that browser behave correctly.

    This is a 2 blog column wordpress blog.

    This is a 2 blog column wordpress blog.
    But googling didn't help me.

  16. That actually isn't two columns. There is only one post column, the center one. The right hand column is just showing recent posts with excerpts (which could be a plugin. The theme appears to be custom made, or a derivative work build off of another theme.

  17. If you knew how to code, you could make a webpage with two iframes side by side which would each display content from a different blog. But without technical skills at a better than basic level or the money to hire someone like that, I doubt this will be achievable for you, and certainly not within

  18. OK, I will now go and learn about plug ins.
    This forum proved to be very helpful.

  19. BTW. @thesacredpath, that is two columns. A post can be added to the right hand column & not effect the central column.

  20. morris, no, it's not. It's a three column layout with a central column for posts and two sidebars (one on the left and one on the right) for excerpts, links, and so on.

    Those posts on the right hand are just excerpts, if you click on them you get them displayed in the central column.

    You can get that functionality here without much effort but some copy/paste in a text widget (or something similar by using the rss widget) or on a self hosted wordpress installation by adding the functionality to your theme (by php) or maybe using a plugin (if it exists) which does it automatically. It's not a functionality provided by the hosting, but personalization you have to do by yourself. (Something like this, although this one only displays the post titles:

    Please refer to and/or for further information about how to insert the excerpts in the sidebar on a self hosted wordpress installation.

  21. 19 @isadora
    Thank you, my work is cut out for me, tonight I will explore.

  22. Although the 'excerpts' on the right hand column, appear without any change to the central column. That is they are added anew, without interfering with the main blog.

  23. I guess, we're talking about Asides, short posts that will be displayed in a distinct way. Sometimes they go in the sidebar. I am not aware of any possibility to do that on

  24. OK, it's a plugin for blogs:

  25. Ok, So I guess it is not possible to install plug ins at Is that correct?

    And sorry for not understanding, but does this mean:

    'it's a plugin for blogs'

    Blogs put up at (cause I cannot see a link) or does it mean just the use of wordpress on a host?


  26. 1. It's not possible to install plugins on
    2. " blog" means a self hosted blog with wordpress software (there's no hosting service called, afaik)
    There's a great sticky post on the entry page of this forum explaining (much better than I could ever do) the difference between and it's called or The difference

  27. I received a comment from a moderator,

    that I could leave feedback for reasons for to include a plug in

    While searching for the feedback link, this is the only instruction I see, and I cannot find the feedback link.

    Use the feedback link in the upper right corner

    Sorry 2 B such high maintenance

  28. There is no feedback form in my blog.

    Support is currently closed

    I work in Internet cafes, and all the tabs now open, will not be there next time, so I am mailing you my ideas for plug ins that should be included in

    Reasons to include these plugins:

    I imagine can attract learners to blogging. A learner is likely to want to explore new ideas, but at the same time not wish to mess up their blog. Asides offer this perfect opportunity to try new things, without interfering in the main theme of one’s blog.


    The desire for some ecommerce. could either be a training ground for people to learn how to create an ecommerce shop, or it could be developed into an ecommerce portal, with the following plug in:


    With a forum plugin, could become an host for communities, which generally means, a place where ideas are created!

    I am new to blogging, less than a week old.

    And my blogs are but in their infancy.

  29. We've talked about Asides in the past. It is certainly something I wish would include as a plug in. I believe they do work on the Sandbox theme but none of the others.

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