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I want my blog to read from beginning to end.

  1. I know it is not conventional for blogs, but I want my blog to read from beginning to end, in chronological order. I only have a basic (not upgraded) WordPress account so I don't seem to be able to edit my theme settings / stylesheet code.(I believe this is poss with an upgrade.) Does this mean I cannot achieve what I am trying to do?
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  2. That's not possible here at and there is no upgrade you can purchase from to achieve this. Blogs are essentially a reverse chronological publishing tool. Though some bloggers may wish to reverse the post order we cannot do that on free hosted /strong> blogs. Those who feel they require that ability must hire a web host, set up their own install and insert a plugin to accomplish the change in post order.

  3. Yikes! I'm sorry that I accidentally left a strong tag open above. :(

  4. This might help - won't reverse the date but you can have a Page listing in order

  5. Thanks to you both. I have learnt lots from your advice.

  6. Me again! I have created 3 different pages (thanks for help with this). Using shortcode, how do I tell WordPress that I want Page 1 to show archives from June 3rd-June 30th, Page 2 tp show the archives from July 1st - July 29th and Page 3 from July 29th onwards? I have not found the shortcode guide as easy to follow as I had hoped, beyond copying the exact examples it gives - and none of their examples do quite what I want.

  7. @gleneaglesgal
    The answer is "you can't". We can't edit templates or themes. The level of access you want is found on a install but not on a free hosted blog.

  8. On your last question, if you are referring to having 3 different "pages" for your posts from different dates, you could categorize your posts for Each of your 3 "pages" and then use a custom menu to create category "pages". See this support document - go down to the section

    Adding Category Pages to Your Menu.

    This might give you a semblance of what you are trying to do.

  9. HoustonWeaver, Thanks so much for this tip. I have used it to sort out a satisfactory solution. You have a knack of getting behind the question and understanding what the questioner is trying to achieve. Exactly what I say I want might not be possible, but you have helped me find a way around the problem, so many thanks again.

  10. Thank you. You have an interesting site. Have fun with it.

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