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I want my deleted domain back!

  1. Is it possible to “reload” an domain that I made 2-3 weeks ago? I deleted the old blog with the old url, but now I want that url back again. And when I try to write that domain in “make a new blog”, I only get error-messages. Like someone else had this url. But when I try to write that address in the navebar, it says that the blog is deleted from the user.

    Anybody? Why can’t I use this address, is it gone forever?

  2. It is gone for good. It tells you that in the "are you sure you really want to do this?" It requires the email confirmation pointing back to the site, which then asks for additional confirmation.....this is to avoid any accidental deletions, and to make sure you know, when it's won't come back.

  3. Part of the reason they make this rule is to prevent identity theft; if someone hacked your email or learned your passwords, they could easily pose as you and blog "as" you.

    I'm not understanding why you're confused. The blog is deleted. You deleted it yourself. Now you can't seem to get to the blog, you can't load it from a reader's point of view, nothing; that's because you deleted it. What's illogical about that?

  4. Ok, no nothing illogical about that.

    Its only that I first had another wordpressblog. Called (translation from my language) “cellphoneworld”. Then I decided to change the title of my blog to (translation again...) circleofthoughts. And thought I rather would like an url with the same name. So I registered another blog with that url. But found out that it was to much hassle exporting everything. Finally I bought a domain at Godaddy. But the domain didn’t work properly. – And, at this moment, I had already deleted my new registered blog (!).

    And no I really want that wordpress-domain back :-( I thought every blog witch was deleted would be able again after a time.

    So the fact is that we can register a lot of domains (blogs), then delete them, and all the domains will be gone forever... strange!

  5. That's right; that's why the warning is so specific. It says quite clearly you won't be able to get that URL back.

  6. Ok, thanks anyway. We learn from our mistake, don't we :-)

  7. A mistake is only a mistake if we learn nothing from it.....otherwise it's a learning experience.

  8. Now there's a topic to blog about. :)

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