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I want my domain name back

  1. want to buy my domain name back

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I had a cool domain name that I bought in the upgrade; then I didn't renew the upgrade and lost my domain... can I buy it back ? it is not with please tell me what to do :-) thanks, Len

  3. Yes, you can. It'll cost you an extra $80 though, if it's in turnaround. That should be on your Dashboard upgrades page.

  4. thanks raincoaster; it is not up there somehow... no upgrades anymore... I think I had to renew it about two months ago... and I didn't... am I too late ?

  5. Depending on how long ago it might have reverted to the wild where anyone can buy it (including you) - do a whois on the name and see if it is still registered, is available for purchase or purchased by someone already

  6. Very likely. Can you not use the Custom Domain upgrade button to just buy it as if it were brand new? Are you saying you have no option to buy any upgrades at all?

  7. @ axuclass... It's at wildewest right now... so do i call them ? and buy? they don't have a buy button really... @raincoaster... i can buy upgrades... but not this domain name... because i had it before... it says contact support and then that directs me to a page that doesn't exist... hmmm you would think wordpress should have this covered better than this...

  8. Since it is still at Wild West - that means it is still at WordPress.COM - you will need staff help to retrieve it - I have flagged this for the staff to help you - they are however a bit backed up with help requests the last few days

  9. @auxclass... i would love to buy it; thanks for flagging... hopefully they'll get in touch with me soon

  10. It looks like we can recover your domain, but as it expired on January 19, there will be an additional fee.

    I'll send an email with further instructions to the address on your account.

    Please reply to that email as soon as you can!

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