I want my name shown on one site but not on my other blog sites as the author

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    Can I have my main sign on with my real name (that is the one I want perscpective employers to find) and my other blogs with a ghost writer name ( I dont want my old company to know I am writing it)

    The blog I need help with is reachwithwords.wordpress.com.



    This is sort of a similar question and I’m not finding it elsewhere on the forum.

    I used to be able to sign into the forum using my blog name, but somewhere along the line now my account name appears. And it doesn’t even linked back to the active blog! The avatar remains.

    How can I make the blog name be what always appears with the ‘logo’/avatar?

    I’d actually like for that association to occur across all online platforms so there is consistancy (FB, Twitter, etc)

    Thank you.



    If you want them completely separate, you need to have two separate usernames completely.



    I also have a similar question. I write a magazine using the WordPress platform. I want to showcase my work on a seperate tab or page. Is it possible to showcase the links of my work on the page?



    What is the URL of the blog?

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