I want my secondary side Pages to skip down to a certain section on a page

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    I want my secondary Menu tabs (About Me, Contact Me and FAQ) on my side bar to all link to the same page but go to different areas on the page. Like have all 3 tabs to go to the same info but for instance when you click on the Contact Me tab I want it to skip over the About Me section and link directly to the Contact Me section of the page but allow users to scroll up to the first section if they want. I spent over an our trying to do this last night by following a forum and i couldn’t get it to work…it just kept linking to the top of pages. I even went into the “text” tab and inserted a link right above the Contact Me tab and it just made that section of the page a different color but wouldn’t link to that part of the page, just the top still. PLEASE HELP!

    The blog I need help with is happinesscentered.wordpress.com.



    For general instructions see this post of mine:

    So, in your case:
    a) Edit the page, remove the wrong code you’ve used around “Contact Me” (it’s the code you’d use to link from that point, not to that point), and add this before the phrase “Contact Me”:
    <a id="contact"></a>
    b) Edit the menu you have created, delete the page “Contact Me”, click the Links module to create a link, paste this in the URL field:
    then type “Contact Me” in the Link Text field, click Add to Menu, save menu.
    c) Same things for the FAQ section, with fac in place of contact in the code and the URL.


    AHHH!!! You are amazing..thank you so much! I was beginning to think that I needed to buy an upgrade or something.
    My only question is, is there a way to get it to link to right above the “contact me section” right now it links to the contact me section but you can’t see the header? If not, that’s okay. This is a hundred times better already :)



    You’re welcome.
    What you’re describing is happening because some browser versions don’t take into account the grey admin bar. Sorry I wasn’t clear enough: when I said before the phrase “Contact Me” I didn’t mean on the same line. Try cutting the code from there and pasting it on a previous line – say, right after the word “sunhsine”.


    That did the trick. Thank you again. I know I will re-visit this post many times in the future to remember how to do this. Great help!

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