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i want my site to have the "like" and "share"sign

  1. i want my site to have the like and sign so people can like and share my blog site,i only have the like and share sign on each of my post(even though no one has like or share)i like that cos i want it too but i will really prefer my site( have its own personal like and share sign,i dont know how to do it and so i need help,i hope you understand.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. i will really prefer my site( have its own personal like and share sign

    There is no such widget here. If you want to create your own text widget and upload and include social networking icons in it that are linked to your associated profile pages on the various sites then you can do that.

    You can have Facebook like & share buttons on your posts.


  3. i need to have the like and share sing for my blog site pls,i have like and share for my post though,i just want to have the signs for my blog site and my posts too.

  4. I repeat that there is no such thing here as a "like and share" blog button. If you wish to your can create your own. Please use the links that I posted above to discover what is avaliable for your use such as

  5. You can't share a whole blog site. How ridiculous would that be. There is no site on the internet that would ever have that option, because it's illogical.

  6. Oh yes there is such a ridiculous site. It's Facebook and I already posted the link for Facebook integration above. To be clear we can't use the Javascript Facebook profile page widgets for "liking" a blog. We can use this instead >

  7. Ahh Facebook, i avoid such evil places, hence i'm not well up on that. Sorry for my error :)

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