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I want my URL to be; its attached to my other email

  1. I apparently created two blog accounts by mistake (got interrupted in creation); each under different e-mails i have. I cant change the name in support site because the name shows it is taken; because its me that has that name attached to other blog at other e-mail. I wish to keep only one blog address however the blog address i want to keep is attached to the wrong e-mail. Can I delete blog/address from e-mail address i dont want to use and use that blog address at e-mail address i want? Support help says if I delete blog name it is not usable again for a yr! I dont want custom domain.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    Here's my advise for you.
    1. The account that you do not wish to keep, but has the right e-mail address. Change the e-mail address associated with it to some other e-mail address (a third one). You can change it by going to this link while logged into the account with the right address.

    You can also delete that blog ( ) but be very sure it is the site address that you DO NOT want to keep.

    2. On the account that you wish to keep with the wrong e-mail address, login and change the e-mail address to the one you want to keep (the one that was just removed from the second account).

    Thus, you'll have the blog you want to keep with the e-mail address you'd prefer to have it associated with. The second blog that was unintended would be gone as well.

    As an alternative, you can transfer the blog to the account with the e-mail address you'd like to keep, but my hesitation with that is your blog name ( and user name would be different and could be confusing later on.

    Please let me know if that all made sense or if you need further help!


  3. thank you. I think I got it. I didn't think of rotating/shifting the blog/e-mails. I'll try it as I do not have blogs @ either site fully created.

  4. Support help says if I delete blog name it is not usable again for a yr!

    No, if you delete a blog address (url) you, nor anyone else, will never be able to use it again.

  5. To Kraftbj; Question? if I didnt have a third e-mail-----Couldn't I change e-mail address on unwanted e-mail w/ correct blog thus having two blogs associated with same e-mail address? Then I could delete blog address I dont want after i see that the one I do want has transfered successfully?

  6. Yes, thank you 1tess. I'm a nubie and I'm trying to start up my blog with an address name I want but have associated it with wrong e-mail do to interruption. I have the blog address I want registered with wrong e-mail. Suggestions other than kraftbj's.

  7. To clarify, there are two "entities" within WordPress, your user account and your blog.

    A blog can have multiple user accounts assigned to it with different e-mail addresses as well as multiple blogs can share the same e-mail address per Settings->General.

    User accounts, though, cannot share a single e-mail address. My thinking is it may be less confusing in the long run to have the user account name and the blog name match, though it doesn't need to.

    If you use Gmail, you can use their "+ address" schema where you can add a plus sign followed by whatever you wish to have a new e-mail address, for example. If you were [email redacted], you could have your "third address", from the instructions above, as [email redacted] and it'd work. Most mail providers don't work like this, but Gmail does.

    Does that make sense?

  8. kraftbj; I do have the third possible e-mail, I do have a g-mail account which is the account I want my blog domain name tied to. The blog domain name i want however was mistakenly registered to my other personal e-mail. So your original explanation makes sense. Is that still the easiest plan to rectify this while mess?

  9. Personally, I think so. It matches up your intended e-mail address to the matching user name/blog name combo.

    I do think this is the best way to resolve this and keep things "clean" moving forward. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes, though you have to click confirmation e-mails for each change each step of the way.

  10. Thanks kraftbj. I believe I have successfully transfered blog domain/e-mails per your first suggestions. The changes are currently pending confirmation. If all goes well or not, I will let u know. Glad I asked as my intention was to keep it clean before I got going.

  11. Great! The confirmation just required you to click the links in the e-mails sent to you.

    Please do let me know if something isn't going smoothly!


  12. kraftbj; Sooooooooo-------I recieved g-mail link to confirm address change and when I put in password, all I recieved was a blank page with the words"cheatn huh?" Whats up with that?

  13. I didn't think of this until now—may need to log out of before clicking on a confirmation message since if you're logged into Account A while trying to confirm an e-mail address for Account B, there may be issues.

    The Cheatin' message typically refers to some type of authorization mismatch, which I'm thinking may be the logged into A while confirming B scenario.

    I do with that error message would change…it's a proposal on the table!

  14. exactly! i probably used password from wrong account cuz this is sooooo frgn' confusing. i did get confirmation on shifting the account i did not want to keep! when confirmation on account i wanted to keep came in, i used wrong password i guess. can i start over with second change request?

  15. once logged out, you *should* be able to use the same confirmation e-mail link again (that you got the cheatin' message with), just login using the credentials for the right account.

  16. do i trash confirmation e-mail link then go back and login to link requesting e-mail address change again, wait for new confirmation? cuz I cant re click existing confirmation link---- stil respond with cheatn' huh?

  17. Let's trash and restart.

    Trash the confirmation e-mail, then go to!/settings/account/ (with the account that isn't confirming) and click to cancel the request.

  18. As a head's up, I need to jump offline for a little bit, so if you need further help, I'll be back online near 2 p.m. Central ( )

  19. OK.

  20. kraftbj; Still boggled! heres what i have set up.
    1st site registered was e-mail = [email redacted]
    blog domain =

    2nd was e-mail = [email redacted]
    blog domain =
    I want " blog domain to be registered with
    [email redacted].
    Which of these should I ditch to another e-mail in order to move forward

  21. This is what I would do step by step.

    1. The account associated with thisonetree1624, change the e-mail address to anything different.
    2. Confirm that change via e-mail.
    3. Log out.
    4. Log into the account associated with thisonetree, change the e-mail to the preferred (gmail).
    5. Confirm that change via e-mail

    At this point, thisonetree should be associated with the gmail account. If you'd like, you can log out, then log into the 1624 account and change that e-mail to the non-preferred one, though may not need to do that depending on your plans for that account.

  22. ok, thats what i thought so i'll attempt now and let u know.

  23. I changed e-mail thisonetree1624 to new e-mail. I've been waiting 1 1 1/2 hrs so far for confirmation on pending change for thisonetree. any other suggestions?

  24. Did you check your junk mail folder for the email? Since it's automated it often goes there.

  25. kraftbj; Ignore last reply!!!! went back and checked change to thisonetree1624 and Got cheatn' uh! response again! So 1st change is not even done! My heads about to explode!! theres GOT TO BE SOMETHING I CAN DO!!!!! Are you a member of wordpress support? If I give you the original breakdown info can you change it then I'll change all user/password from there?

  26. Yes raincoaster. Not in junk mail. I'm having a explorer e-mail v.s. google mail accounts battle I'm afraid.

  27. The confirmation email is sent to the new email address, not the old email address. Have you checked there?

  28. yes macmanx, confirmation IS at new e-mail address. when i click link to confirm with appropiate user/password, I get a page that says, "cheatn' uh' ? I've logged out 4 times and tried again only to recieve same return response!!!! ARGGGG!

  29. Try logging in first, then click the link or copy/paste it into your browser's address bar.

    The link is also time-sensitive, so you may need to save the change again.

    Just make sure that you try logging in before you click the link.

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