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  1. Well I have looked around everywhere and not being a tech I am looking for a non-complicated way to generate some traffic. Since I can't use Adsense, I thought I'd try this below. But like a question I had about Adsense's code before, about where to actually put it , I aske the same here. Is this allowed and Where (exactly) do I add their code on my blog ?


  2. I would just try adding it as regular links and seeing if it would pick it up that way.


    edit: Considering that they themselves only have a Google Page Rank of 4 and every set of links that they kick out includes one for them, I'm not real impressed. And that's with 65k incoming links per MSN. My test blog here is a 5 with only 12 links.

  3. In case anyone is paying attention to this or finds this via search, it appears they've been bought out and are currently going through a revamp.

  4. Why in god's name would you think that Adsense can bring traffic? That's one claim of theirs I hadn't heard before.

  5. Where on their page do you see that?

  6. The OP said above:

    ... a non-complicated way to generate some traffic. Since I can't use Adsense ...

    Anyone who would thinks adsense will bring traffic to their blog has got to be kidding or ingesting some strange substance. I don't know anyone who actually clicks on adsense ads and most bloggers I know won't go back to read blogs covered with adsense.

    Apparently she's probably Blogger bound anyway - "The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available."

  7. Just don't buy links because it could get you booted off Google. I would just stay away from any of those link sites.

    But it would help to first get listed on Google which you're not. But try these steps to get listed:

    Submit your site here on the right - Submit it to only the top 40 search engines. And also claim your blog at Technorati and place Technorati's buttons and such on your site. And make sure to ping your blog. I ping mine at and And email other similar sites like yours for link exchanges on each other's blogrolls. And to get listed on search engines, try to get your blog on at last one person's blog that it already listed on Google. This way when they get indexed, your site will then be indexed.

  8. LMAO.......I clicked on this blog and it was deleted

  9. In the beginning Google introduced adsence. Suddenly there were the sploggers everywhere cobbling together cut and paste spolgs so they could profit from adsense. Buying links allows anyone to manipulate Google’s page rank results -- to game the system. Which brought into question the continued credibility and viability of ranking system that is crucial to Google’s success. Google wants people to report paid links. There's even a button for doing so on the webmaster tools.

  10. The author of this article deleted her account. duh!

  11. When I posted I forgot to preface the post with "reference". I posted above so that if and when others contemplating the use of paid links on their blogs, pull this thread from the search box in the future, they will know that Google's position on paid links is report them .

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