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I want people to subrcibe my blog!

  1. I love my blog but nobody who I send it to don't subscribe my blog. I'm pretty good at writing for my age (8), especially by myself, still nobody does. Any tips?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think I spelled subscribe wrong!

  3. You're..... 8? What are you doing on the internet?

  4. @elrock1, your blog only has a few posts, once you have more content, you'll attract more readers who are interested in the specific content. Good luck!

    @leetgamer, last year the 12 year old fashion blogger "Style Rookie" became an overnight success when her blog was discovered by NY Magazine. But there were comments such as is she really the one authoring her blog (yes), backlash from jealous grownups and articles about online safety for kids.

    As long as the child blogger's parents approve and oversee the blog content, I think it's fine. Isn't it today's equivalent of a precocious kid with literary talent writing a novel or a newspaper?

  5. Crap! Your grammar isn't bad for an 8-YO, most at the typical age of 13 write in number, quirky cases, half abbreviations and many emoticons.

  6. 8?? Wow. Lemme go check out your blog right now.

  7. Nice try Chris Hanson, but I'm not going anywhere near that blog.

    That's a joke. I'll check out the blog but if I'm offered sweet tea and cookies I'm smashing this computer and heading to Mexico.

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