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I want specifics

  1. I want a new domain, but I want everything else about my blog to remain the same. Currently my blog is, I want it to become I want the old links to the blog to go the new domain, I want everything in the old blog to remain in the new blog, bascially, the exact same blog but with this new domain, and the old links going to the new domain name. I also want human correspondence. I've done this before, and it seems like it gives me answers, but they are general and not specific, and don't do it step by step, and this is annoying. From what I understand, that means I have to map to the new domain, and then register the new name ($18 & $14). If that's what I need to do, is the mapping a one-time fee, and the other fee annual?

    Last time I asked this (and maybe my question was not as specific as it should have been), I just got leads to sites, w/o any of my specific concerns, step-by-step, answered. Well, I've already been to all the sites. I just want to change the name of my blog and everything else remain the same. I apologize for my computer illiteracy.


    Caleb Powell
    Blog url:

  2. Since you own your own domain name - follow the instructions below - then take a long walk while the changes migrate to the far corners of the internet

  3. Did you even read my email? I don't want this. I've read this, been there, I want specifics from a human.

  4. Your blog will be exactly the same. In fact it will remain hosted here at unless you move it yourself to a host you pay for.

    While your blog remains here at, your visitors will see only YOUR— (org or whatever.). That is because the domain name is like a sign directing traffic from the internet to your site. Visitors see the sign, and they see your blog.

    Your address will continue to function: if a reader doesn't know you have mapped a domain and goes to they will see your blog. (Your domain name will be visible in the top nav bar of your browser.)

  5. It's not clear to me that you already have a domain. If not start here:
    note this information:

    Domain Registration is a paid upgrade that costs $18.00 per domain, per blog, per year.

    If you don't pay for the registration next year, then your blog will go back to being : it won't vanish.

    note: duplicate question thread was closed:

  6. Thanks. I realize I have to pay every year for the blog, but is mapping it a one time fee or do I have to pay for that every year as well?

  7. The support documentation claerly states the domain mapping upgrade is for one year and for one blog only when it's due for renewal.
    These may be helpful:
    Do I Need a Domain?
    OMG! My Domain Name Expired

  8. Thanks, I appreciate the answer. I guess that means I pay $14.99 for the domain plus $18.99 a year, every year (I may be a dollar or so off on that), and had I just registered a domain name then I'd only pay one time.

    I already have another blog w/domain name that I pay for, but I don't want to pay double for basically a modest blog.

    Thus it makes sense for my purposes, just to get a new domain, not map, and put a link on my own blog to my new blog, and not get mapping. Or just keep the blog and do nothing. I'd map if it never expired. I guess if I want to go big time I'd do it.

  9. The domain name registration is $5 per year per blog
    and the mapping is $13 per year per blog.

    If you don't map a domain to your free blog, then you'll have to pay someone to host it yourself. Just buying a name does not make it available anywhere on the net. You can't link to it.

  10. Gotcha, well, $18 is reasonable, ok, I think I can do that. Thanks for your patience.


  11. You are welcome. I know it can be confusing.

  12. Did you even read my email?

    yes I read you email -

  13. Thanks 1tess. Done.

  14. It looks good. You are welcome.

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