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I want the #1 post to be the first and each continuning post to be next

  1. As you scroll down the posts should be listed first to last, not last to first.
    Thanks all!!!
    Blog url:

  2. I'm not sure if I'm following you, so I do apologise if this isn't helpful.

    By definition, a blog displays your posts in reverse chronological order, that is to say with your most recent posts at the top of the page. It's not possible to change this I'm afraid.

    You could, however, change the dates of your posts as you publish them such that each new post appears to have been written "before" the last. This could quickly become rather frustrating though...

    If you're looking to have a little post a the top of your blog all the time you could make it a sticky post.

    I hope that clears things up a bit.

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