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I want the box around pics to get longer instead of wider.

  1. on my blog entry I have 2 pictures I'd like to have side by side, (like the ones on the post
    However, the caption is a bit long, so the box has gotten wider. I'd like the text to wrap around at the width of the photo, so the box would get longer instead of wider.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. An image caption isn't supposed to get any wider than the image. But (as you can also tell by the font difference in the second caption) the code of your post is messed up. If you're not familiar with HTML, the easiest thing to do is select all, delete all, and redo the post. After you re-insert the first image, make sure you'll add a space before inserting the second.

  3. I am somewhat familiar w/HTML. At least HTML according to Neopets. I'll try deleting the 2nd picture & redoing that one, esp since I now have a 3rd to add. :)

  4. Fine then: make sure you delete all the code of the second image, and after you re-insert it make sure there's a space between "[/caption]" (end of 1st image code) and "[caption]" (beginning of 2nd one).

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