I want the header to constantly change

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    Hi, really need some help! Basically on my blog, just under where it says ‘The Daily Mundane’, i’ve got a one-liner which I change by myself everyday. I want it to change on its own by picking one random line from a selection of many! any help with that??


    The blog I need help with is sanchitg01.wordpress.com.


    This would require javascript, which we’re not allowed to use in wp.com blogs.



    oh ok, thanks. no way around it?


    Actually, if you go into your appearance, then header, you can click random to show random headers.

    I use this with Pilcro theme.


    That random header feature is only available on a small number of themes here.



    Which ones?



    Use the Theme Filter to find them.



    Hi raincoaster, I can find all the themes with custom headers with the filter, but not which ones allow random headers. Even the Pilcro demo doesn’t state (anywhere that I can see) that this is possible. I have a custom header (Bueno) but when I tried to see if I could upload other custom headers it seemed that the current one would “disappear” which would be a slight hassle to get back…


    The only two I’m aware of off the top of my head is twenty eleven and twenty ten.

    Some will allow you to set a featured image on pages and posts that will be used as the header on those pages and single-post pages, but the main site page, archives, categories and tags pages will all show the header set at appearance > header.



    Thanks, tsp, that’s interesting. I thought I read somewhere (maybe on Panos’s site?) that this random header feature was a not-widely-known feature of several themes now. that’s when I tried to do it on mine and couldn’t figure it out. oh well!



    Forever is another theme that provides for this: I use it on my personal blog.
    Appearance > Header

    You can upload a custom header image to be shown at the top of your site instead of the default one. On the next screen you will be able to crop the image.
    Images of exactly 885 × 252 pixels will be used as-is.

    Uploaded Images
    You can choose one of your previously uploaded headers, or show a random one.
    __Random: Show a different image on each page.

    Fresh & Clean and Reddle are themes that also have this feature as well.



    P.S. I was referring to the random header feature above.


    Random display is possible in all themes that support header images. The option shows up only after you have uploaded at least two images in Appeaarance > Header.



    Aha! Thank you for the clarity. :)




    Indeed thanks Panos, I did not know that either. A new find!!!

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