I want to add a background onto my theme…

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    I want to add a back ground onto my theme – there is no set section for this but it does say “support for custom background” in the theme description. Please help!

    The blog I need help with is helens-wardrobe.com.


    It looks like you found it.



    I’m going to jump in here, as Mr. thesacredpath seems to be listening, and my question will probably help helensian as well.

    I know how to write css. I’m used to working in a “hard coding” environment where I know where everything is and its just a matter of linking it up and having your syntax right.
    Wordpress seems intent on defeating this simple method, if one wants to step outside the lines of whatever their template is.
    But, its just css, I’m thinking. So, why can’t one just find the .css file for their template,, such as “standard.css” — a css ffile that is called in every template, add a .something class, and then call it from the html of text area of a page, with something like this: <p style=”something”>?
    What prevents this from happening?



    WordPress.com has disabled it. The changes possible to CSS here are limited for security and other reasons. WordPress.com is a much more locked-down environment than WordPress.org.



    I’m hosting on my own server.
    I tried something that seems to be working, and it makes me wonder why anybody is paying for this Custom CSS upgrade.

    I just went to Appearance/Edit/Editor. Then I entered a custom class. Then, I called the class from a div inside the html window of a page.

    Works just like one would expect it to.




    Woops.. Screen lag caused that last pathname to turn out wrong.
    Its Appearance/Editor. And this is when your in the Dashboard.


    At wordpress.COM, things work differently. You cannot edit or change the CSS without the Custom Design Upgrade. What you can do self-hosted is not relevant to wordpress.COM.

    Familiarize your self with the basic differences between wordpress.com and self-hosted wordpress.ORG installations.


    As far as why someone cannot put .something in the CSS and then just call it from within a post or page, that can be done as long as the person has the Custom Design Upgrade.



    I’m having a major brainfart right here. I want to add a background to my blog, and I did so yesterday, but now i have a new blog and i cant figure out how to do it. Also why does my header always come out in bad quality, and is there anything i can do to make it better?



    Some theme provide for custom background colors or images and some do not. Those that do have this feature have the setting here . Appearance > Background


    For header images, ALWAYS prepare them ahead of time to the exact size for your theme that is listed at appearance > header. If you do that then wordpress will not have to crop it and re-save it as a different file and you will retain the quality of the original.

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