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    I have just set up a blog which will serve as the webste for the review of our city charter. I want the whole world to be able to see it, if they want, but I only want people who live in the city to be able to comment. Therefore, I need to be able to approve the first post of each poster.

    I have found the appropriate box in settings, I think (Comment author must have a previously approved comment), but I don’t know how it will work. I need to know that so that I can tell people what they will have to do to participate in discussions.

    Second question – if someone subscribes to the blog, will they get an email telling them only that there has been a new post, or will they get an email with the body of the post? I want them to have to come to the list in order to see the post, so that they will see the whole context.

    Many thanks,

    The blog I need help with is plcharterreview.wordpress.com.



    When people make a comment, it will be held until you go into Comments Pending and approve it. Just don’t Approve any from people who live elsewhere and you’re fine.

    Email subscribers apparently only get an email with about the first 50 words of the post, plus a link to read more. I’m going on hearsay, but the source is pretty good. You can test it yourself by subscribing to a blog that posts regularly.


    Thanks, that’s very helpful. Before I alert people to the site, I will walk through it with someone I know. Elisabeth


    OK – someone tested if for me, and I see what happens.

    Another question related to this,. If someone later posts something that violates the rules, I assume I will be able to remove it? Right now, I don’t have any posts to manage, so I can’t test it out. Thanks again.



    Yes you could. On my blog you get to comment freely after you have commented and been approved once. If though someone were then to go nuts I would put their name in the top of the two boxes on the Settings > Discussion page so theirs were held.

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