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I want to be pressed freshly!

  1. So I have read the 5 ways to get pressed.
    And I am following these steps!
    But isn't there a way to suggest your site to be freshly pressed. The thing is my website is kind of unique. I mean most places have the top [number] [subject] websites. But I do this on a regular basis. I find and review some of the best websites available online. I just cant seem to get all those comments and views I probably need to be on the freshly pressed page. Can anyone suggest any tip to get on there!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @christianbr
    The only information available on being featured on Freshly Pressed is found here >

    The only information on the Top Blogs, Top posts and Growing blogs is found here >

    Note that the blogs appearing there have high traffic. Note that posting to the Showcase and Off-Topic forums is not bringing you the traffic you are looking for. You have been so hyperactive on the Showcase and Off-Topic forums that members are no longer responding to your many posts.

    My suggestion is that you learn how to promote your posts elsewhere. For example in social media (Twitter) and on social networking sites, as well as, in online forums and groups.

  3. @ timethief thanks a lot! you always have great advise!

  4. Thanks for understanding that it's hard to say what I just said to you in the second to last paragraph above becuase you aren;t paying me to be a consultant. If you were I would have said much more and long ago.

    IMO your Showcase posts would be far more effective if you use a single thread like I do. Then you can post actual blog promotions each time you add a link to the thread for the new post you have published. Otherwise people may get annoyed at your ubiquitous postings.

    Wishing you well. :)

  5. shesboxingclever

    Hehehe.... @TimeThief *&* Christian....I left a comment on another thread in Showcase, about the exact same thing.

  6. I started one thread today that I call the site of the day i'm gonna stop looking like a spammer sorry everyone!

  7. shesboxingclever

    Well, isn't THAT ridiculous! Where'd the "mail to" link come from?
    Can a mod remove it? TT Can you flag a mod?

  8. lettershometoyou

    I've been on freshly pressed a couple of times. The posts were OK, but as I published them I wasn't expecting them to be picked for that page. I think it's like a lottery - whoever is editing that page that day gets to pick, and if they notice your post, good for you. I don't see how they can adequately sift through every single post on wordpress every day.

  9. Anyone who would like more specific advice on how to possibly make it to Freshly Pressed one day, or help improving their blog to the point of being in contention for Freshly Pressed, should email me at editor at wordpress dot com.

  10. lettershometoyou

    I was going to say that you might put that up as a post on the wordpress blog, but I seem to remember seeing one there on this topic already - or was it on timethief's helpful blog? I can't remember.

  11. It's too bad they don't have an "adult material" version of freshly

  12. @shesboxingclever

    Broke the mail to link for you... = )

  13. shesboxingclever

    Thank you slik! Don't know what happened, But it was weird!

  14. @lookitsbray That's what I thought, but then yesterday I got featured on freshly pressed with a post that drops quite a few "F" bombs. Was half-expecting them to realise their mistake and pull my post from freshly pressed at some point during the day.

    Having visited your site a few time, and for whatever it's worth I enjoy it, I don't see why one of your sweary posts can't make freshly pressed if one of my sweary post can. Of course, an octogenerian did berate me for my language, but that kind of made my day.

  15. OK, I'm gonna be random here. I saw the title of this thread and my mind did something weird; it went totally dyslexic and said "I want to be FRESH PARSLEY."

  16. awindram: Well I'll be damned. Congrats are in order. I'll just cross my fingers. Perhaps one day I'll get there.

    Thanks for the compliment.

  17. Ah! The answer to my question in another thread. I'm bumping this one to the top in hopes that the right people will forgo responding to my query in the other thread.


    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

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