I want to become an Editor of a colleague's site, but I'm having problems.

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    My colleague Ian has set up a WordPress site http://www.101booksorg.wordpress.com. He has invited me to be an Editor. When I try to reply to the invitation, I get the message ‘Whoops, you can’t use an activation key you’ve created for someone else.’. I think this is because I am logged in to his site on my machine. When I log out from his site and try to respond again, I am asked for my username and password. However, I have not been given one. I can only get into my own site.
    Blog url: http://101booksorg.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is 101booksorg.wordpress.com.



    Same problem here …
    The person I’m trying to invite as an editor has received the same message.
    Blog url: http://thewigs2012.wordpress.com/


    The person will have to have, or need to sign up for a wordpress.com username and password before they can access the blog. There should be a link somewhere in the process (after you click the link in the email) to sign up for a username and password. They do not have to get a blog however.


    I am having a similar problem. I set up a blog for a client, and now want to add her as an administrator. I sent her an invitation that said:

    To accept this invitation you will need to:

    1. Sign up for a WordPress.com account. You can also sign in with your existing WordPress.com if you already have one.

    2. Accept Invitation.

    I signed out of WordPress.com, opened her email, and clicked Accept Invitation. I get this error message:

    Whoops, you can’t use an activation key you’ve created for someone else. You are currently logged in as journeyabetterweigh. If you would like to accept this invitation using another account, please log out first.

    She also gets this error message, even when we’re signed out of WordPress and she’s trying it from her computer at home.

    So I tried sending one to myself with a different email. This one just had a link to accept the invitation. Hmmm. . . . . .

    When I accepted the invitation and signed into WordPress, I didn’t get the error message. However, my invitation wasn’t accepted, and I wasn’t added as a user under my other name.

    I tried inviting my client as both an administrator and an editor. All 3 invitations say they haven’t been accepted yet (they have!)

    You mentioned earlier that there’s a place to sign up for a wordpress.com user name and password without creating a blog. The link in my client’s invitation only takes her to the page where you sign up for a blog. There’s no way to create just a user name and password.

    Suggestions will be appreciated!

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