I want to build a jounal

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    I am quite new to wordpress, so far I have build just two basic blogs with it, http://ajaxpoet.wordpress.com (my blog) and http://www.ttlnigeria.org/newsblog/ (currently down). However I have need to build a journal for a small university group and I think wordpress is just perfect for it, except that users will not be only able to comment but also need to be able to send entries that will have to be validated by the admin (just like comments) before they a published.

    Is there a ready made solution for this in wordpress (built-in or through a plugin or widget) or would I have to build it myself (I am a PHP5 programmer). What do I do, I am in the middle of making a proposal / feature spec to the journal managers, so this is quite urgent.


    The blog I need help with is ajaxpoet.wordpress.com.



    You would just make the users Contributors and that should do it. They will all need to register a WordPress.com user ID, but do not have to register a blog at that time.


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