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I want to but cant ... enable onlywire to read me

  1. Hi I do hope this Q has not come up too often, I could find no answers so here goes..

    I a virgin to the whole blogging scene but I want to use the platform to drive traffic to landing pages I'm building. I have a free account at ONLYWIRE but b4 they let me ping the new blog they want to see there bits on the blog. I've downloaded a file, which is now in the wp-contents (next to the folder about the spam stuff) Now the info I have says I must enable it from my Admin... WHAT! am totally lost now . The dashboard gives me no help as a newbie. I need a fix, Please help me out ...

    Not Such a Smart Dad...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm confused. You reference the wp-content folder, which is relevant to self-hosted blogs, but also include a address. Users of blogs do not have server access. Where exactly is this wp-content folder to which you say you've put a file?

  3. Hi Jane. I think I may have downloaded 2 versions of wp.. I have a complete folder in my document & settings file too?

    Proper virgin. sorry about my ignorance..The problem remains though. The onlywire senario.. ant clues would be cool but a "hand it to me on a plate" would be better thx

    Still not feeling too Smart a Dad ...

  4. Hi again Jane & Jennifer.. the significant other.. I have open now.. OH I'm a bit confused now

  5. smartdad,
    You downloaded software and signed up for a free blog at They (.com and .org) are different, as justjennifer was noting:

  6. If you are doing adverts and money-making things, then you want .org and you'll find help at:

  7. Thanks Tess looks like I'll be seeing you in Org.. as well not going to stop here I hope .. Thx again

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