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I want to change free theme will I lose all old blogs

  1. I can't find a simple answer to this. I want to change themes. If I do will I lose all my old blogs or are they just automatically cached and transferred to the new one? Thanks so much, I'm sure someone has a simple answer.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All your Posts and Pages are safe if you change Themes -

  3. I've accidentally changed my theme whilst attempting to start a new blog with a different theme. Upon immediately changing back to the original theme, I found that I had lost all my widgets - so maybe, beware. (My old blogs seem to be in place). If I resolve this issue without repeating all the customisation (if there is a quick fix), I shall report back here.

  4. @alcamia
    auxclass is correct. No data is ever lost during a theme change. The widgets were not "lost". They migrated to the Inactive Widgets box. When you change themes there is a default sidebar display. You can locate any widgets you formerly used by going to your "Inacative Widgtes" box and repositioning them.

  5. Only reporting back because I promised that I would. I see that timethief has answered your question, and my own question as well. All I have to add is a shout and a 'Thank You' to the people who help.

  6. It IS alarming when it happens, but usually someone has gone through it before and it's in the forums somewhere.

  7. Hello everyone
    Just a resounding big thank you for all of you who posted in reply to my initial question, it's been really helpful. I know it takes time to write a reply so once again thanks, what a wonderful bunch you are.

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