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I want to change it to - pay the $17

  1. This is what I meant to do when I signed up today: Pay the $17/year so that "wordpress" is not in the URL. Can I do that once I've already gotten set up? Or must I dleete the entire ting and start over?

    Also: Title of blog: my must it be "mylifeasthecrab" instead of ?My life as the crab"?

    Also, I seem to have lost the first post I drafted after I got rid of the original you listed with all the helpful info.

    Thank you...
    Blog url:

  2. You can still pay for the domain name even after your blog is set up. To do this, go to the Upgrades > Domains panel from your blog's Dashboard, enter in the domain name in the Add a Domain box, then follow the instructions from there. You can also read about this in our Domain Mapping instructions.

    The title of your blog can be changed by going to the Settings > General section (again, from your blog's Dashboard), and changing the text in the 'Site Title' box.

  3. OK, I was able to pay the $17 (+5 for privacy and now I have

    But how can I access it? I can only access This is very confusing and I've searched EVERYWHERE> One guy's solution was to go into SQL and well, that just ain't right.

  4. Thanks coffeemanmatt. I'll do that WHEN I can figure out how to get to that particular domain. When I post, it still gets published to the old domain.

  5. I have searched everywhere -- support, forums, google, my underwear drawer...How do I get my posts to show up on instead of

    I DID manage to upgrade, (which was simple) and I IDID manage to change the title and sub-title. THanks for that info. I'm not normally so "hold my hand and do the work for me for free, won't you?" I work for microsoft; I know better (but the "crab" in the title does not).

    Thanks again.

  6. The and blogs are one in the same - the domain name is just tied to your blog.

    In order to show in the address bar of your browser instead
    of, you will need to update your primary domain.

    The step-by-step instructions here can guide you through everything (see step 5 in particular), but the quick and dirty is:

    • Go to the Upgrades > Domains page from your blog's Dashboard
    • Click the selection button next to '', then click the 'Update Primary Domain' button.
    • Pour yourself a tasty beverage and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. :)

    If you need help with anything else or have any other questions let us know.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I think I love you; I really do. But I do not drink coffee so we're doomed for failure.

    WIne it is. In three hours. YOU have yourself a tasty weekend too and I hope this blog does not get me fired.

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