I want to change the name of my blog using a name of a second blog I created

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    I have an existing blog and then started a second one. I want to re-name the first blog with the name of the second blog and delete the second blog altogether. Can someone tell me how to go about doing that? It seems from the help menu that I can’t delete and make the second blog name available to reuse. Also if I exported the first blog’s data to the second one then how do I redirect my followers?

    The blog I need help with is candorapropos.wordpress.com.


    You can change the title to anything, any time you like, but I’m not sure about changing the URL to the name of an existing blog. This might (or might not) help:


    However, the easiest way to deal with the problem is probably to export the content you want to keep, then import it into the blog with the name you want. Dashboard – tools – export.

    You can’t redirect followers from one blog to another, but if you put a post in the blog you don’t want to use anymore, with a link to the new blog, then eventually all your regular readers will find it.



    You can’t name two blogs with same url nor you can change it to your existing blog. If you delete a blog then neither you nor anyone else can use the url ever. So the best solution for you is to export from one blog and import it to the other. But you can add a domain to the first blog of the url of second one (if available).

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