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I want to clear my blog of all its content.

  1. I would like to delete all previous posts and essentially start with a blank blog space -- no formatting, no posts, no pages, nothing -- but keep my blog domain.
    Blog url:

  2. Go to your database manager, maybe phpmyadmin.
    1. Go to your database
    2. Go to the tables wp_posts and wp_comments. The first row should say for: wp_posts = ID and wp_comments=comment_ID.
    3. Check mark the the ID part and click Browse.
    4.There you will see your posts and comments. From there you can delete them.

  3. WRONG!!!!!!!!

    Those are instructions for a WordPress.ORG install - WordPress.COM blog have NO access to the database or myphadmin

    @realismbegins - please read the link below

    For more on the difference:

  4. Why does nothing show in the search for these things can confuse people.

    I would suggest that sable minded deletes them individually. It is time consuming but.....hey ho.

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