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I want to completely remove a category, permanently, forever, once, and for all.

  1. Everything I post, or most everything I post, ends up in my "educational links" category. Although i have tried multiple times to get rid of this 'educational links' all together, it simply will not go away. I really need blog cleanup help. I am rather daft at the whole blogging thing to begin with, and searching the forums hasn't helped. Please send simple instructions to me, so that I can rectify this issue. Thanks very much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello,
    So there must be one default category where all post are published to. You can edit the name of that category or you can create a new one and switch it as your default.

    You will want to add a new Category under Posts>Categories. You can also hover over your current default category and click Edit and change the name of it.

    If you decide to create a new category that you want to use as a default, once you have created it, you will then go to Settings>Writing and choose from the drop down box which one you would like to set as a default.

    Here's a link to information on Categories :

  3. Every post has to be in at least one category. When a category won't delete, it is because one blog post at least is using that category.

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