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    Blog url: http://jeffreymike.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is jeffthings.com.


    Right here, but first, turn off your Caps Lock.

    Some one will be along after you post your question.



    For starters your name servers are probably set wrong


    If you are asking about the can’t find the servers error



    Cool, that is quick.

    My domain expired. I am trying to renew. It shows up on my account but says I need to pay $18.00 for mapping and one year hosting. Thats all good. But it says to contact support to purchase.

    Is my domain existing? Or do I need to purchase it?



    Now I’ve apparently purchased the domain several times, how do I get a refund?



    Your domain name is in redemption and you will need staff help to renew it.

    I have flagged this for the staff to help you – they will also sort out the charges and refund any over charges –

    And I don’t even get paid for helping you!

    Good luck & remember to follow the renew domain instructions quickly since the domain expired some time ago and quick prevents someone else from squatting on your domain name



    Thanks @auxclass. I think I did follow the renewal…. I purchased it about 5 times by accident… Thanks again!

    Wish I could get to staff directly. This kind of thing shouldn’t be crowd sourced. In my opinion.



    I have been having trouble for the past two days uploading photos; it is very slow and then produces a ?. Can anyone comment or assist about this problem? Thank you very much


    Can anyone comment or assist about this problem?

    First step is to start your own thread.



    @jeffreymike – it is actually quicker and usually more efficient since most of the questions don’t need the staff to help with – also a lot of pre-screening is done in the forum so all the relevant info is passed to the staff on the first time – there was a way to send requests to the staff forum and mark it private but I have not paid much attention to that in a while and the staff sometimes closes it off when they get way behind –



    @auxclass I understand that for most questions, but when you are in a shopping cart and clearly says you need to contact support in order to resolve the issue. Clicking that button should send you directly to the person who can assist…



    Point made – sometimes the staff misses a few details



    jeffthings.com expired on July 22 and is in redemption. I have refunded the additional charges and sent more details via email.

    Please reply to the email when convenient.


    I’m having the same problem as Jeffrey – I paid to renew my domain and yet every time I enter that domain (including the “www”) I am redirected to my domain – but with “ww1” or “ww35” – and with a random assortment of links. None of my content, which my Dashboard says have been published.

    I need this solved immediately.



    chadodellroberts, zombiecafestudio.com expired on June 22 and has since been purchased by someone else.

    I have refunded the domain mapping charge since you no longer have ownership of the domain.



    Hi there!
    Currently we have got our website on joomla and are having all our domain names with freeparking.co.nz (4 of them) plus we have got webhosting with freeparking.co.nz.
    I have been working with a wordpress template to get a better look for our website as well as making it easier for google to index our pages. I found the iframes on joomla don’t work that well.
    I would like now to redirect all our domain names to the wordpress site. Do I do a redirect on the joomla site as well as doing the mapping on wordpress (do I need to register and map). Also from what I read in wordpress support, I will not need the webhosting anymore? Please confirm that that is correct.
    Regards, Gitti Tapper
    Blog url: http://tandemparaglidingqueenstown.wordpress.com/



    You will want to start your own issue.

    iframes are not permitted on wp.com.


    I have enjoyed a WordPress account for some time under an account I registered through the WP website. Recently I began to manage a GoDaddy hosted web page using a WP app that GoDad makes available. The GoDad page is listed on WP under a different User ID, but I NEVER seem to be able to log in to it EXCEPT through GoDad. The WP lof in page does NOT recognize the new, GoDad registered WP user ID. Even when I lof in through GoDad and get into my new account, when I try to make changes/upgrades (to JetPack), I get a required log in page, and AGAIN it turns out WP won’t recognize the new GoDad user ID.


    Of course “lof in” should read LOG in.

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