How can I use my domain with Weebly?

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    HOW DO I CONTACT WORDPRESS?????? I want to talk to a PERSON.

    I bought my domain though wordpress but want to use it with I have tried EVERYTHING. So frustrating, I used to love wordpress now I am having second thoughts because I can’t simply CALL or e-mail to talk to someone with access to my info. or some willing to help me!

    Unhappy customer



    Hey there, we are here.

    If you’d like to point your domain somewhere else, find out what your nameserver settings should be, and then you can update them from your dashboard. This article explains how, and also covers how to transfer the domain elsewhere:

    It can take anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours for the change to make its way all around the internet, so if the new site doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry. If it still doesn’t show after a day or two, drop us another note and we’ll see if we can help you out. Best wishes!


    I appreciate the quick replay and reassurance. I have tried that.. The issue is that Weebly does not use nameservers, they point it to them using IP addresses. The problem I am having is not having access to my DNS manager. It says “DNS Manager: (Not hosted here)”. When I spoke to Godaddy about this they said they could not help because wordpress is hosting and has the access to the DNS manager… I need to change that… suggestions?

    Thank you!


    I am having the opposite problem and getting frustrated. I want to change our domain to wordpress but simply can’t find out how I buy the upgrade. I have gone in circles on this site for 30 min now. I see how to change the name servers through an enom powered domain site but no clue if that will work since I have not bought the $12 upgrade on this site to make it work. I see there is no contact numbers. I just want to be sure it’s going to work before I do this and that I understand the cost correctly. If I want to point our domain to this blog site, that is only $12 per year?



    @faith – yes domain mapping to use your own custom domain name is $ 12– a year here (as long as you own your domain, registration of a domain name is $ 5.– a year)


    Thank you Auxclass, now I need to find out how to add it to our account to pay for it before I change the name servers. Maybe I am just tired but went round in circles to find
    this to no avail.



    It’s in the Upgrades tab of your Dashboard.



    Which, apparently, has been renamed “Store”. #facepalm



    I tried to export my past blog on (a WordPress branch) to my new blog on WordPress,but it is not possible under the Export part, I find the Import information. Not very serious. I am desperate. How can you give a WordPress licence to these people (any answer – complete silence) ?
    My old blog : – my new blog :
    On I have a WordPress layout.

    Thanks in advance for your help.




    now I need to find out how to add it to our account to pay for it before I change the name servers

    @faithchristianchurch: this link may answer a lot of questions:

    First, you will need to change the nameservers with your registrar. After that’s done, you will be able to purchase a domain mapping upgrade through your dashboard (direct link for your blog’s dashboard).

    For the $12/year domain mapping upgrade there is a 30-day refund policy, and of course the Support team is here to help if something is not working out for you with the domain mapping.



    ……. kidding, but seriously.




    Since Weebly doesn’t host DNS records, they require an A Record change to point your domain to their servers.

    I’m afraid that domains registered at do not have the option to change root-level A records — so if you want to use the domain with them, you will need to try one of these options:

    1. New Registrar

    Transfer the domain out to another registrar that allows an A record change. This guide explains how to transfer the domain name to another registrar:

    2. Subdomain

    Keep your domain registered with us — and map a subdomain, like, to your Weebly site.

    To create a subdomain, please follow the instructions here:

    You’ll want to create a subdomain with these settings:

    The record should look something like this:
    A blog

    Let us know If you have any questions. :-)


    This is what weebly says:

    Transfer a Domain to Our Service
    Already own a domain and want to transfer it to our service? Great!

    We are, however, unable to accept domain transfers. But this shouldn’t be much of a problem as there are other ways to use your domain with a site built through our service.

    To get your domain set up with Weebly, you can configure your domain’s A-Record with your existing domain registrar. We have detailed instructions on how to do this on our Setup a Domain You Already Own help page.

    & This is what you guys say:

    I’m afraid that domains registered at do not have the option to change root-level A records

    DANG IT, how incredibly frustrating! So confused…. HOw do I gain access to my own A records?? Can I have someone in the wordpress office do it for me?


    Transfer the domain name to a registrar that is NOT weebly such as Network Solutions or whoever that supports A NAME records. I mention Network Solutions only because that is the one that came to mind, but they are more expensive than some.


    HOw do I gain access to my own A records?? Can I have someone in the wordpress office do it for me?

    As @chrisrudzki said, here at wordpress.COM, they can’t do A NAME records.


    Then why can weebly.COM do them?

    So I have to use with my domain until it expires?

    WordPress support you have been incredibly unhelpful and impossible to get a hold of.



    @snppphotography: You can contact staff directly at


    @snpphotography – did you ever get this resolved??

    I am also trying to transfer my domain name from wordpress to weebly. Please let me know if you found a solution.



    No, unfortunately I did not. Please let me know if you get it resolved as well. Thank you.

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