I Want To Create A Dual Language Blog

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    I want to create a dual language blog in English and Arabic.

    The ideal requirements are that: –

    1. The english sections of the blog should have titles/headings/posts all in english, while the arabic section should have these things in arabic (the assumption here is that people viewing in arabic would read no english and those viewing in english would read no arabic).

    2. The admin section would be all in english.

    The obvious solution seems to be to have two sub instals of WP (blog/english and blog/arabic) and then to have links in all posts to the other language version, but I am wondering if there is a better option.

    Any ideas, examples or opinions on how to do this would be much appreciated.





    It sounds as if you’re self hosted. You’ll want to ask at http://wordpress.org/support for help.

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