I want to decrease the font and overall size of navigation menu of wp theme

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    I have many categories and my drop down menu goes vertically beyond the visibility. I want to decrease its font size or something like to convert it to horizontal drop down menu. Can anyone help me to do this. I don’t know much programming



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    http://www.booknstuff.com/ is using WordPress, but it is not hosted here at WordPress.com. Please try asking for help at http://wordpress.org/support/ or in a CSS forum.


    I checked http://www.booknstuff.com/ again just to see if I could give you a better tip before you headed over to a different forum. But I don’t see anything from the main menu that extends off the page vertically. In any case, I will say that having a huge number of links in a dropdown menu, either vertically or horizontally, is not really a good idea. Often, usability experts follow the 7 +/- 2 rule, which says that people can only keep about 7 items in memory, and they extend that to say that it’s a good idea to use that number (at most) in menus. If you have a ton of categories, then a category widget is an alternate, good way to display them.

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