I want to delete my blog, but dont want to lose

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    Mistakenly, I registered a username.. I am not using that and neither planning to use in future. I can delete it, but then that username and blog will never be available to anyone.. is it possible to make it available for anyone to register?

    The blog I need help with is rahulsonar.wordpress.com.



    Why don’t you just make a post saying “Leave a comment if you want this blog/username?”



    well, thats a good idea.. but I wish, wordpress can reuse these kind of usernames..



    Depending on what you did when you signed up here, registering a username does not automatically create a blog. But Staff have already expressed that they are reviewing the policy of recycling unused blog names.

    Until that time, what rain suggested is really the only way and there are new transfer procedures available to users. http://support.wordpress.com/moving-a-blog/#transferring-your-blog-to-another-user-or-account


    Recycling names could be dangerous because if it’s named after our real names or a business we once had and we longer want it, then someone else would be taken our names.

    If someone later wants your blog, follow the directions here where it says ‘Transferring Your Blog to Another User or Account’.



    Writing at the same time. lol ^^


    The text, This blog has been deleted” doesn’t show up as a 404 error in google’s cache, nor is it new content. So what happens is that the cached pages show up, even if I have deleted the blog. So if I could get the domain name back, I cold post Ipsem Loret or something and so delete google’s cache.



    Yes, the cached pages will show up until the search engines realize the blog is dead and delete it. Yahoo China, for instance, never seems to delete anything. Posting new stuff doesn’t delete the pre-existing cache, though.



    I have encountered this problem too, I mistakenly deleted a domain name only to find out that I could not use it again. Maybe they could allow the recycling of the domain name if the original owner is the one who is trying to get it back. Also, maybe add a way to know who the original owner was so that we could send a message to the person request a transfer.

    just my two centavos

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