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I want to delete my domain and website permanently.

  1. I want to delete my domain and website permanently.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Provided you are logged in under the exact same username account that registered the blog you can delete any blog registered under that username by using these instructions.
    Note that deleted blog URLs are not recycled.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you so much for the quick reply. I have being trying to do that for the last 40 minutes, but it will not let me. I do have a private domain purchased through WordPress to a free WordPress one. I changed it a few minutes ago as a result of trying to delete my domain and the website. I also have tried to delete the site by choosing "delete site" but nothing seems to work. Please help?

    Thank you!

  4. Just thought I would add that my website does NOT have any # 2, 3, 4 or 5 (e.g., #2 - Click the dropdown menu and choose the option: Permanently delete my site’s address and all content. etc. etc. etc.) available that follow under # 1 (e.g., #1 - Tools → Delete Site) as shown in the link, so I am not sure what site you believe I have... The only heading on my page (e.g., #1 - Tools → Delete Site) are:

    * Press This
    * Categories and Tags Converter
    * Post by Email
    * Website Verification Services

    That is it!

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  5. I do have a private domain purchased through WordPress to a free WordPress one.

    Staff can remove the domain mapping for you so you can delete the blog. I tagged this thread for their assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  6. Thank you! :-)

  7. Canceling a domain after 2 days of purchase means you completely give up ownership of the domain. There is no guarantee the domain will become available to re-register after cancellation.

    You are welcome to keep your domain with us and update the nameservers to point to another hosting provider by following this guide:

    After 60 days from the date of purchase or registrant contact information change, you may also transfer your domain to another registrar by following this guide:

    If you would like to completely cancel your ownership of the domain name, please reply to confirm.

  8. Hi,

    Thank you for your response, but I know all of what you said already, and as I said... I want to delete my domain and website permanently! But nothing I do has/is working, and please do not ask me to follow your website instructions as they do not work (see above thread). So please can you delete them both for me? Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,

  9. I have deleted your domain and blog as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  10. Fantastic... Thank you so much!

    Kind regards,

  11. You're welcome!

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