I want to delete this blog but it is also my account name, how do I do that?

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    I’ve read all about deleting blogs and accounts, however, what I want to confirm is that if I delete my helpmegethired.wordpress.com blog, that it WON’T delete my WP account.

    You see, my account IS helpmegethired.wordpress.com. I have two other blogs in/under this account (http://anotherdaydawns.com and http://LisasCreativeSpace.wordpress.com), and want to make sure they are kept in place.

    If I simply delete helpmegethired.wordpress.com, then which other blog becomes my main account? Or will I lose the other 2 blogs on this account? Thus, my confusion. :/ Thanks for your help!
    Blog url: http://helpmegethired.wordpress.com/


    Correct. If you delete your helpmegethired.wordpress.com blog, it won’t delete your WordPress.com account or your other blogs. You will also need to complete an email confirmation step when deleting, so you can double check when you get that message too.


    Thank you. I went ahead and deleted that blog then logged out & couldn’t log back in to my other blogs. I finally figured out that I still have to use the old blog name in order to log in since that was the name I created my WP account with a couple of years ago.

    Now I need to change my username but I think I understand how to do that from your tutorials. Thanks for your help! :)

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