I want to embed my google calendar…

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    I was originally hoping to embed it into my sidebar, maybe as a widget, but wasn’t sure if that was possible or how…but then I’d also hoped to embed it into a page and can’t seem to get that to work either.

    google cal. uses iframes just like google maps but the instructions in FAQ for embedding google maps but it doesn’t seem to transfer to the calendar.

    any ideas??





    Sorry, but embedding Google Calendar is not currently supported. I’ve added your input to our user suggestion library (we do receive this request quite a bit).



    There’s been lots of discussion on using Google Calendar xml output in an RSS widget. Check out the thread here



    I recently added my google calendar to an RSS widget in my sidebar using instructions I found on another blog. It works pretty well.


    There are posts going back to 2006 on this issue… You would think WordPress would have setup a specific widget and way to add it directly to a page by now. The RSS widget is nice but it would also be nice to have a page with an actual calendar view. There are plugins for the wordpress.org open source wordpress server that have been developed for this, it doesn’t sound like it would be hard to incorporate into wordpress.com since work has already been done on it…



    I agree.

    You would think WordPress would have setup a specific widget and way to add it directly to a page by now.


    Thanks for all the input. I really would like the calendar view as opposed to an RSS feed. As of right now I have a simple link to my public google cal but I would LOVE a little mini cal in my widget bar.

    I hope this request is taken into consideration soon. ^_^

    Thanks again




    how come wordpress does not support google cal?

    i think i am going to migrate my blog to be hosted somewhere else that does.




    Yea, not having the ability to embed my Google calendar is a SERIOUS drawback to the WordPress.com platform. I don’t want to use XML for calendar events.

    Isn’t there a way to make this happen?



    You can embed the google calendar on blogspot but I really prefer wordpress. Blogger seems quite limited with their widgets so I am hoping that wordpress can get it together but as said previously, this has been an issue for over 2 years.



    The forum is primarily “manned” by fellow bloggers who are volunteers. If you wish to request this you must contact staff http://support.wordpress.com/

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