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I want to empty kinehalland´s blog of all content, but keep the name.

  1. I dont want content to be visable.
    Blog url:

  2. I do not recommend for you to delete all of your content.

    Instead, I suggest that you should make your blog "Private" so that is is only visible to you and some users that you choose.

    To apply this change, go to and click the " I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose" option, and press "Save Changes" to make it official.

  3. You can quickly remove your contents by deleting them in bulk.
    Alternatively, we can empty the whole blog for you, but that will remove all data including posts, pages, tags, categories, comments, and uploaded files.
    Once deleted, the data cannot be recovered.

    If you are sure you want to proceed, please reply to confirm the name of the blog you want us to empty.

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