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I want to export my Livejournal blog to my existing WordPress blog

  1. randyfmcdonald


    Since 2002 I've maintained a Livejournal at, but as that service withers on the vine and becomes more problematic I'd like to export my decade's worth of archived posts from there to my WordPress blog, located at

    Is there any way I can do that? Whenever I try to import my blog via Dashboard -> Tools -> Import, I keep encountering failure as the Livejournal API never seems to work for me. I can export the blog as XML files, month by month, and I'm making a backup even as I type via my Semagic client, but how can I import this?

    Blog url:

  2. Does this help If not, flag this for staff by putting the tag "modlook" in the tag box and they can help you.

  3. randyfmcdonald

    Unfortunately, it doesn't help. I'm having exceptional difficulties: didn't the old Livejournal importer accept month-by-month XML files?

  4. randyfmcdonald

    I want to switch over to WordPress fully but an inability to copy over the archives makes me reluctant.

  5. We can't import their export files at this time. We can only use their API for a direct import, which is notoriously flaky lately.

    At this point, I recommend that you just keep trying. It will work eventually.

  6. randyfmcdonald

    Are there _any_ workarounds? Is there truly no way for me to import them as a XML file (or ten, or a hundred and twenty)?

  7. No, not at this time. We can only use their API.

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